October 2014 Simply put, Mr. Daniel Nicholson is an outstanding math tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable and finds various ways to explain math concepts to ensure they are understood. Dan has a knack for developing a friendly and productive rapport with students/children while also maintaining an appropriate, professional distance in the relationship. He is very accommodating with regard to scheduling and on several occasions he made himself available for additional tutoring outside the normal schedule when a test was approaching. The bottom line is that our son was struggling in Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry and he dreaded going to class, but by the end of the year his final grade was a solid B+, nearly an A. Just as important, our son’s confidence and positive attitude about his math abilities increased as he became more adept in math over the course of the year. So for all the reasons described above, we strongly recommend Dan Nicholson to parents seeking a math tutor for their child. Michael and Lilian Wiechert Vienna, VA
September 22, 2014 We engaged Dan Nicholson when my son was a junior in high school to tutor him in advanced math. Dan helped him with pre-calculus, trigonometry, physics, and even some general ACT test prep. Dan is very knowledgeable of math and physics and is able to use repeatable techniques to help our son understand the homework and prepare for exams. Working with our son on a weekly basis, Dan was able to help our him improve his ability to successfully complete his homework assignments and raise his math exam scores by two grade levels, and significantly increased his confidence levels for handling new math topics. Dan is always accommodating with schedules and schedule changes to make sure there is time to prepare for the exams or other challenges. He is very personable and knows how to motivate teenagers. Thank you Dan for your help. Dwight and Becky Martin
July 27, 2014 Let me start by stating that Dan Nicholson is a man of good moral character which is extremely important when he is dealing with your children. In addition, he appeals to young people because he is still young, and is fun and interesting. He is well educated; he is a Purdue University graduate in Physics. Both his mother and his wife are teachers in the Fairfax County School System. I have known Dan since January of 2010. Just after my husband died in December, my son started having real difficulties in high school. Kevin was a Marshall High School junior at the time Dan came to my rescue. He tutored Kevin in math and physics. He was no nonsense and at the same time was kind and gave Kevin support. Dan was with us through junior and senior year. He was absolutely unequivocally instrumental in my son graduating from high school and moving on to college. Dan and his wife were the first two invitations that went out for Kevin’s high school graduation party. College statistics also posed a challenge and I did not hesitate to call Dan in. I am not sure of what else Dan tutors but I think he can make a difference in anything he chooses to tutor. If you wish to verify any of the above statements, please do not hesitate to call me on this number – 703 938 0083 Yours sincerely, Barbara E. Burlingame
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