My husband and I heartily recommend Dan Nicholson for whatever form of handyman-like work he reports he can perform. Over quite a few years, due to another positive reference from our own friends, we have felt incredibly fortunate to have found Dan and have tapped him on numerous occasions for a wide range of projects and services. In fact, early into our "relationship," we have entrusted him with a key to our house, which has led to scheduling times for him to handle certain tasks on his own. We have enlisted and paid Dan for work that has ranged from erecting a new rail on our steps to the basement to repairing cracks to repainting and sanding patio furniture to changing electrical fixtures. Along the way, Dan also shops to purchase needed items such as lighting fixtures and the like. Most importantly, he has a splendid, modest personality, and is responsive via email or the phone. He also makes clear what timing for non-emergency projects will be most economical for us in order to minimize the travel time involved in getting to our home. At the same time, he has rushed over to do emergency work when asked. All of the work he has performed at our home has been successful and well-crafted. In recalling numerous instances and types of work Dan has produced, I cannot think of an single instance of being disappointed. And his pricing structure seems more than fair. On a scale of one to ten, our household gives Dan Nicholson a TEN for excellence on all fronts.
Tamera Luzzatto and David Leiter
Woodley Park, DC
I highly recommend Dan the Handyman. He does excellent work, is prompt and reliable, and his fees are very reasonable.
Ray Natter
President, Tenley Hill Condominium Unit Owners Association
Dan was recommended to me shortly after I bought a new house in Summer 2011. Since that time, Dan has completed a variety of jobs at my house, including hanging a large chandelier in the dining room, installing ceiling fans, hanging curtain rods, power washing my back deck, assembling porch furniture, and hanging pictures. Dan is very intelligent and skilled, and he is capable of completing just about any task around the house. Dan also is dependable – he shows up when he says he’s going to show up, which is more than I can say for many other contractors I have worked with! I also should mention that I have a great deal of trust in Dan. I am a female who lives alone, and I do not hesitate to have Dan come to my house without anyone else being around.
- Anonymous
I can wholeheartedly recommend Dan Nicholson (aka Handy Dan) for any and all projects in your home. Dan has helped me with multiple jobs including art and mirror hanging, tile installation, electrical installation and built-in cabinetry. Recently I was working with a Contractor on an installation of IKEA kitchen cabinets. The Contractor was having a lot of difficulty getting the cabinets straight and with the "quirks" of IKEA cabinets. My Clients were feeling lots of anxiety so I decided to ask Dan if he could finish up the project which had so many problem issues. Dan came in and quickly came up with a plan for fixing all of the little details that were off with the installation. Where a huge gap was left between cabinets Dan came up with the idea of creating a small area of open shelving that my Clients ended up loving. Dan turned a nightmare project into a beautiful kitchen. My Clients were left with a positive feeling having Dan be the last person to touch their project. My only regret is not having Dan on the project from the beginning. Dan is professional, resourceful, reliable and personable. He is by far my favorite Handyman.
Holly O'Brian
Interior Designer
"Thanks so much for a job beautifully done--and for keeping spirits high, and the work moving forward, in the face of unexpected challenges that were found lurking beneath our basement floor. I so appreciated your willingness to do a cork floor installation as a preliminary step to building the cabinetry--and when the flooring installation proved more difficult than anyone could have foreseen, your communication and professionalism left no doubt that you'd find a solution whenever challenges presented themselves. Thanks not only for the beautiful floor and cabinetry but also for being so great to work with!"
Pam, Cleveland Park, DC
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